Here are of 5 Benefits of Micro Dosing

5 Benefits of Microdosing

The idea of microdosing is spreading really fast. More and more people are buying mushrooms online for microdosing, not to get high or to escape their daily lives but to enhance themselves. A recent study shows that millennials are barely interested in drugs and drinking alcohol. Interestingly, they are embracing the use of LSD and psilocybin mushrooms. This in itself is not bad news because really, what could go wrong with consuming minimal doses of psychedelics for a couple of days to experience high-grade beneficial side effects?

That’s not to say that there are no risks associated with microdosing. Some users have confessed that microdosing is not for them, and they find its effects unsuitable for their liking. People who have microdosed have said that they experience various be benefits in relation to their mental well-being and general wellness.

Consider the following benefits:

  • Enhances Mental Health.

Magic mushrooms and LSD are categorized as psychedelic drugs. These drugs have a great potential of becoming the next breakthrough in the treatment of mental illnesses. Given the powerful hallucinogenic effects of these drugs, particularly the ability to make out more vivid images, scientists believe that they can be utilized as a tool to boost the advancement of human cognitive capacity. Several studies have shown psychedelic drugs have the potential to elevate mental health illnesses such as anxiety, addiction, and depression.

In a psychopharmacology study where researchers  asked users their reasons for microdosing, 21% of people reported to use microdosing as a remedy for depression, 7% for anxiety, and 9% people reported using microdosing to help combat other mental health illnesses. A greater 44% said that their mental wellnesss was a lot better as a result of microdosing.

These findings, however, rely on self-reporting, and more scientific research is needed to support these results.

  • Enhanced Brain Functioning

A businessman who frequently microdose reported that consuming minimal doses of psychedelic drugs, about 10 to 20 micrograms kicks the brain into a much higher performing level. It enhances a user’s motivation and attentiveness. However, microdosing can potentially diminish other cognitive capacities. It increases neural activities allowing the brain to function at its maximum potential and making users open up to new ideas.

The thing with microdosing is that it makes its users brain function a lot better on the dosing day, but these results will not be experienced the following day unless the user microdoses again. Microdosing regularly should be avoided since it may have some side effects.

  • Cure Addiction

According to researchers, microdosing could help treat the root cause of addiction. Psychedelics show potential in assisting people to abstain from habits such as smoking and curing people of alcohol dependency. There is no scientific evidence of what these drugs do to the brain exactly, but people say that microdosing provides them very profound, meaningful, and mystical experiences that result in long-lasting changes in their bodies.

  • Concentration

Microdosing may help people to focus more. Users with temporary focus have reported that microdosing makes them work better on demanding projects with a more focused and undistracted mind.

  • Creativity

Individuals who microdose have reported that it makes them more productive, more focused, and improves their creativity. All these effects are based on peoples reporting their own experiences, and there is very little scientific evidence that shows whether these are just perceived effects or not.

Some individuals find that microdosing sharpens their creativity, boosts their concentration and mood. These, among other benefits, are the reason why more people are buying magic mushrooms online in Canada. It is crucial to note that microdosing is not suitable for everyone. People with long-term mental health problems like anxiety and depression may want to keep off microdosing. Some microdosing side effects may include reduced concentration, less energy, increased anxiety, mood swings, and bad sensations.

Zoey Roy

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