How to make CBD Oil (Easy and Efficient Way)

If the benefits or the high-time of CBD oil have amazed you in real-time, then you could be thinking of creating your own CBD oil. Is that the case? 

Here’s the complete process of making CBD oil Yourself.

What is CBD oil?

This is the natural oil, better to call it an extract, from the hemp or marijuana plants. The extract is usually taken out from the flowering buds. It can be consumed in various forms.

What are the benefits of CBD oil?

CBD oil is known for the number of benefits that come along with it. Some of the most prominent ones have been listed below. 

Relieves from pain:

This is one of the most prominent benefits that CBD oil provides to its users. It eases out pain and acts as an analgesic.


CBD oil also has anti-inflammatory properties that can help in reducing the soreness in the body. 

This is why it is mostly used by people with joint disorders, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis. Even other diseases causing high inflammation in the body can be treated using CBD oil.

Slows the growth of cancerous cell:

The cancerous cells do not grow at the same speed as they normally do if you are consuming CBD oil. It limits the production of new cells, which can provide food to the cancerous cells.

Stop Seizures:

CBD oil has proven benefits for patients suffering from seizures. It is already being used as the recommended treatment in some countries of the world whereas, in some countries, it is in the trial stage.

Reduces depression and anxiety:

CBD oil can trigger the endocannabinoid system and manages the amygdala (part of the brain responsible for the reaction of fear). It also reduces the metabolic process of the breaking of anandamide. 

The higher amount of its release in the blood increases the level of anxiety. So, both these activities result in improved mood and lower depression.

Methods of using CBD:

There are many methods to consume or use CBD oil, Here are the famous ways:


This is probably the most direct use of CBD oil. In this specific style, you just have to put a few drops of this extract under your tongue.

Topical cream:

In creating topical creams, CBD oil has to be put in a creamy solution. This form is usually used to cure skin-related issues.


This intake form of CBD oil usually requires a capsule. A specific amount of product is added in the capsule and is consumed as required. Ingestion also includes the swallowing of a few drops of oil through a dropper.


You are free to use CBD oil in any of the recipes you like. There are some specific CBD special recipes too. You can look for them and create some yummy eatables to suit your needs.


CBD oil can also be smoked or used as a vape juice. 

With these atypical ways to use CBD oil, we are sure that you’ll find your best way to consume it. 

Now is the time that we discuss the process to create this most integral component, which is required in each of the styles of consumption – the CBD oil.

What’s the process?

Firstly, you should spare at least 3-4 hours of your time to make CBD oil. Secondly, you should make sure that all the ingredients for creating CBD oil are available with you. 

Otherwise, you might have to add, “Shopping” in the process of creating CBD oil too. Thirdly, this process would require some precision in terms of quantities, so make sure to follow the entire procedure closely.


Here are the main ingredients that you need to have before starting your CBD oil preparation. 

  • 99.5% Isopropyl Alcohol (use chilled alcohol; better to refrigerate it overnight)


There is some specific equipment that you need for the preparation of CBD oil. Here is the list:

  • Coffee filters
  • Stainless steel stock pots (2)
  • Plastic funnels
  • Long wooden stirring spoon or 2×2 piece of chemical-free lumber.
  • Plastic bottles
  • Large Syringes
  • Coffee Warmer
  • Electric cooling fan
  • Measuring Cup    
  • Rice Cooker: Make sure to use stainless steel only otherwise the quality of your CBD oil will degrade


Here is the step-by-step procedure of creating CBD oil:

  1. Place the weed that you want to use to extract oil in the steel pot 
  2. Put chilled isopropyl alcohol in the steel pot.
  3. Crush this mixture and your weed with a wooden spoon for nearly 5 minutes.
  4. Keep on adding more alcohol in the same mixture until the plant is completely immersed.
  5. Crush the weed in the mixture with the same wooden spoon for another5minutes and keep on stirring the mixture.

Important: Do you know that the “crushing” process is known as “wash”. This is because in this process you are washing the plant from the trichomes. 

Trichomes are the glands of the cannabis plants containing the chemical components THC, CBD, and other medicinal cannabinoids like CBN, CBG, and CBT. 

Now once the process of washing is done, it is time to get it out of the pot. For that, you need to block the mouth of the pot and put the solvent (alcohol) in the second post (that we have mentioned) in the equipment list shared above.

Important: You must ensure that most of the cannabis should remain in the first pot or bucket when you are pouring the solvent into the second one. If some part of cannabis gets through, it is fine, but you need most of it in the first one for further processing so make sure to manage that.

  1. Once solvent and cannabis are separated, now it is time to put more chilled alcohol in the first bucket. Pour it until you get your cannabis immersed in the solvent completely.
  2. Redo the crushing process with your spoon for another five minutes. By now, you’ll know how to manage it with great accuracy. You can call it the second wash. Remember, we call it to wash because of the separation process involved.
  3. You’ll have to block the mouth of your cooking pot once again. This is because you need to repeat the same process and separate cannabis from the solvent. You can use the same bucket for pouring out the solvent that you have used before.

Important: in most of the cases, the first wash would dissolve three fourth of the medical resins and the remaining fourth one can be managed in the second wash. If you think you haven’t performed the entire process properly, then you can also go for a third wash. 

It will ensure that you aren’t wasting anything. In most cases, you won’t need the third wash. Another important thing to note here is that if you go for the third round of washing, you should keep the solvent after the wash in anew basket (that hasn’t been used for first or second wash solvent extraction. 

The reason behind this separation is the difference in the purpose for which the solvent can be used. You can use the extract from the first and second wash for ingestion whereas the solvent from the third wash can be used for topical treatments.

  1. You can strain the solvent to separate any plant matters that could have gone into it by mistake. You can use a plastic funnel for this purpose. Continue the straining process until you are sure that all the plant matter has been separated from the solvent.
  2. You should make sure that your mixture is dark yellow. This is because of the alcohol and dissolution of plat resin. The pungent smell is also the result of the mixture of both these products. 
  3. Now comes the need for the rice cooker. Fill your solvent mixture up to three fourth of the capacity of your cooker.
  4. Put on the flame and set it to the maximum. This will help in evaporating the alcohol from the solvent. Set up a fan towards the rice cooker so that the fumes won’t accumulate at a specific point.
  5. Once your solvent level will drop, you’ll have to refill your cooker and repeat the entire process unless the entire solvent has been consumed.
  6. When the alcohol would be completely evaporated, you’ll hear the bubbling of the oil, and dark steam would arise from the cooker. This is the time when you should turn off your cooker and let the CBD oil cool for a few minutes.

Your CBD oil is ready and you can use it right away or put it in bottles with lids. Keep it away from heat and sunlight as exposure to high temperature and light can reduce the potency of this oil.

How was the process of CBD oil creation? Waa, it easy or difficult? You can your opinion below. If you need already prepared CBD oil, then you can look for it in the products section of our store. 

Zoey Roy

I’m Zoey Roy, a Cannabis Compliance Specialist and Cannabis Activist. I am experienced in guiding individuals and businesses through complex cannabis regulations. With a Bachelor’s degree in Research from McGill University, I’ve worked at Neptune Wellness for 4 years as a senior researcher. Now I serve as a Cannabis Industry Analyst at Tilray Brands, Inc. I provide essential support in ensuring compliance, educating clients, and facilitating legal requirements. My expertise extends to marketing and laboratory skills, making me a well-rounded professional in the field.