CBD For Nausea: How CBD Helps Stopping it?

Is your medical condition making you feel like throwing up often? Is it because of the intestinal disorder, having medicine with an empty stomach, or getting drunk? Do you travel a lot and face motion sickness? All of it can be categorized under nausea.

If you aren’t sure what exactly it is, then let us highlight this medical condition a bit for clarification, and then we’ll move towards the use of CBD for nausea.

What is Nausea?

If you are taking nausea as a sickness, then let us first clarify that it isn’t a disease. Nausea is actually a protective inbuilt mechanism that indicates that something is wrong with the body. In most cases, nausea is a short-term condition, which can go away on its own in normal individuals, as there are certain triggers for this behavior (medical condition, motion sickness). But for certain people, it can become a long-term problem. And this when they need help from the doctor.

Causes of nausea:

Here are some of the possible causes of nausea:

  • Motion sickness
  • Migraine
  • Head injury
  • Hepatitis
  • Appendicitis
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Heart attack
  • Emotional disorders
  • And many others.

This is only a small list of causes that could be creating nausea. In reality, there are hundreds of other reasons, which could be generating this ill feeling in you. Let us share some of the statistics related to the nausea feeling to provide you a better overview of the reason for its creation.

37% of the reported feeling of nausea is because of the digestive disorders including food poisoning and some other digestive infections. Nearly 10% of the reported cases have no identifiable cause associated with them. Only 3% of these cases are because of the side effects of medication.

What reactions are taking place in the body when you are feeling nausea?

If you are thinking that your gastrointestinal tract only has a role in the creation of nausea, then you are wrong. Your brain, nervous system and GI tract have a combined role in creating this feeling.

The nerve cells produce serotonin. Serotonin is present throughout the nervous system and in platelets long with its higher quantities in the digestive system. Its rise in the digestive system pushes out the upsetting food out and this is what creates nausea.

Additionally, Medulla Oblongata, one of the important parts of the brain is responsible for the various involuntary functions including vomiting, breathing, etc.  Signals are sent to the brain for the regulation of these vital and involuntary functions. If the brain sends these signals to Medulla Oblongata, then it could be because of the signals received from the digestive tract. Such a condition occurs when the feeling of nausea is due to the problem in the digestive tract solely.

Treatment of Nausea:

Nausea can be treated with a number of different options. Herbal, pharmaceutical, lifestyle, and nutritional treatments are amongst some of the possible treatment options. Apart from these general options, cannabis use can also be the treatment of nausea. The rest of the article discusses the use of Cannabinoids and the things surrounding it for the treatment of nausea.

How can Cannabinoids manage nausea?

Cannabinoids are special material that can react with serotonin releasing receptors. By using these cannabinoids in small quantities, the amount of serotonin that is pushing out the excess food, etc. is restricted, which results in alleviation of the feeling of nausea.

Apart from the direct binding of cannabinoids with serotonin, there is another way through which the use of CBD oil can reduce your nausea feeling. The THC release as a result of CBD oil use helps in the binding of CB1 receptors with THC. This binding results in the reduction of the vitamin. Additionally, this binding reaction can also increase the therapeutic impact, which can create positivity and also be used as a treatment for managing the side effects of chemotherapy.

Additionally, CBD is also responsible for managing the endocannabinoid system. This system helps in regulating the body. Medulla Oblongata is also regulated through the use of CBD. It is the part of the brain that triggers nausea and vomiting. Blocking this special system of body regulation results in the creation of the nausea feeling. So, giving a boost to this system through THC can lessen this feeling.

Now you could be wondering which of these processes could be going on in your body when you are having some feeling like vomiting. Well, our body is a complex structure and can have multiple processes going on in the body. So, it is possible that all of these processes could be simultaneously going on and the CBD oil would impact all the processes, making you feel better overall.

Does CBD make you feel nauseous?

One of the stated side effects of CBD is its nausea creating a feeling. But there is some specific reasoning behind it. There is a special daily consumption that your body can resist. And this normal daily consumption can be different for different individuals. So, if the capacity of your body is to consume 5 mg of CBD daily and you consume 50mg of it on a daily base. Then the normal reaction of the body is that it would expel the additional amount of CBD from the body instantly. Either it would be through excretion or vomiting, so this is a normal reaction that your body could be going through.

So, you can consider CBD an indirect cause of nausea but not the direct one. Thus, calling vomiting as side effects of taking CBD oil is not the right approach to handle.  Consuming in the right quantity would actually help you in reducing the feeling of nausea rather than creating it.

Research Findings proving the use of CBD oil in alleviating nausea:

CBD oil is generated from the cannabis plant. The cannabis plant contains tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) as the two most important components. Nausea prevention is the result of using both these components. Interaction with the CB1 receptors is the real mechanism that reduces the feeling of nausea.

A research study of 2011 showed that cancer patients who have complained about the nauseous feeling have felt better because of the use of CBD. Apart from this research, various other research studies have been conducted and the use of cannabis has resulted in a decrease in the feeling of nausea in most of the patients.

Ways of using CBD oil for treating nausea?

You can take CBD oil in one of the many ways that are available for its consumption. You can find more details about the ways of consuming CBD oil in this article.

One of the best ways, however, is to use it in the tincture form. You can simply put two to three drops of CBD oil under the tongue.

You should keep in mind that the use of CBD tincture would only reduce the urge to vomit. As discussed earlier, there is some underlying condition also involved in the feeling of nausea. So, you can expect the treatment of that underlying disease through the use of CBD oil.

Important tips for using CBD oil for nausea:

Here are some of the important tips for using CBD oil for nausea:

  1. Full-spectrum extract of nausea can generate more benefits as compared to the purified version.
  2. Cannabis extract or the CBD oil should be used as soon as the feeling of nausea originates. The late consumption of CBD oil might not reveal the best benefits.
  3. High-quality CBD products should be used for the treatment of nausea. The use of low-quality CBD oil might not alleviate the feelings in the best possible way.
  4. A stronger impact from the CBD oil can be generated if it is consumed with ginger tea or other anti-nausea supplements.

Do you want to know what should be the best dosage of CBD in order to treat nausea and associated feeling? We are going to share it in this section. Let’s be honest that determining the right quantity of CBD is really difficult, especially when we are going to give a generalized statement here. But you can definitely follow the following guidelines to determine the right dose for you.

  • Firstly, try to find the cause of nausea, as there is often some underlying condition associated with it.
  • Secondly, you should start with lower quantities of CBD. It will help you to adjust your body according to the dosage.
  • Thirdly, you should start with low dosage CBD as well. Stronger CBD use can make you feel nausea initially.
  • Consult your doctor in order to find the exact dosage of CBD for you. Your doctor would know your exact medical condition and history so that would be helpful in finding the right dose.


CBD has been known for relieving nausea and is being used in some of the medicines that are specifically for the purpose of alleviating this ill-feeling. However, it must be noted that the use of CBD won’t eliminate the underlying illness. It would only reduce the feeling of nausea.

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