3 New Edibles You Must Try This Fall- 2021

Days when you had to bash away at your stove to make your own edibles to enjoy cannabis in Canada, are now a thing of the past!

Cannabis-infused products are legal for sale in Canada as of December 16, 2019. However, sellers and manufacturers must adhere to the set laws for edibles designed to protect a user from accidental consumption or overconsumption.

This legalization has opened doors to incredible innovations in the field of cannabis edibles. More patients and consumers are now exploring edibles as a better delivery method. The selection of cannabis edibles is enormous, and it’s growing more each day. You can enjoy everything from gummies, chocolate, chips, cookies, tea, coffee, ice cream, and mint-the list is endless!

Here Are the Three Newest Edible Products You Must Try In 2021

  • Chowie Wowie Gummies

High Park’s brand of cannabis-infused products is increasingly growing, and these Chowie Wowie Gummies are just the icing on the cake. These gummies are not only attractive, but once you have tasted their delicious flavors, you will be longing for more.

  1. THC Watermelon Gummies (2.5 mg THC per gummy)
  2. Balanced THC/CBD Pineapple Mango Gummies (2.5mg THC, 2.5mg CBD per gummy)

Product highlights

Maker: High Park (Tilray)

Clean Ingredients- Chowie Wowie Gummies are skillfully crafted using pure and simple ingredients. Enhanced with a pectin base, these delicious vegan gummies do not contain any traces of gluten.

Pure Distillate- Chowie Wowie Gummies are formed with a pure distillate that secures a flavorsome taste and pleasant aroma with a slight cannabis flavor.

Four Gummies in Each Pack- You will find four gummies in every pack that is a perfect amount for you to dose and be generous with a friend.

Reasonably Priced- $6.99

  • Bean and Bud Chocolate

Enjoy this fall with Bean and Bud! For these award-winning chocolate makers, it is not just about handcrafting your regular chocolate edible. They scour the world for the finest cacao beans, which they then blend with licensed organic ingredients and the best quality of Canada’s cannabis. Bean and Bud Chocolates are the perfect way to indulge and enjoy the numerous benefits of cannabis in a fast, convenient, and incredibly tasty way!

Product Highlights

Ingredients: Bean and Bud Chocolate contain four top-quality ingredients. 70% Cacao, Organic Cane Sugar, Cannabinoids, and Organic Cocoa Butter.

Pack: Each pack comes with two medallions.

Purity: Pure, clean, and precise

THC amount: 10mg per package

CBD amount: 1mg per package


  • Olli Strawberry Fruit Chew & Hemp Crunch

Olli is just a little guy if you compare this brand with others in the market. But this is the ‘guy’ making the incredible bite-sized treats. You will find two of these edibles in each package. What’s more, they are available in two different flavors.

  1. Strawberry Fruit chews
  2. Hemp crunch

Product Highlights

Maker: Olli

Dose: 2.5mg THC and 5mg CBD per piece.

Pack: Two edibles in each pack

Your Brain On Edibles!

To make cannabis edibles, weed is first heated to about 150 degrees Celsius. The heat produced is enough to burn less of the plant while reducing its carcinogens, unlike with smoking which heats the weed to about 800 degrees Celsius enough to convert the psychoactive cannabinoid THC-A into Delta 9THC.

Once you consume the ready edible, your body absorbs it more slowly through your gut. This delays the onset of the ‘high’ as the liver first metabolizes THC before being absorbed into the bloodstream. During this metabolism, Delta 9THC is rapidly broken down into a more potent chemical called 11-OH-THC. These chemicals travel through the brain barrier more rapidly and give you a more potent euphoric high than smoking weed does.

A much higher concentration of 11-OH-THC is produced after ingestion than smoking. Hence, edibles give you delayed yet more powerful effects that last for a longer time (4-8) hours. Edibles are also a healthier and safer way of taking cannabis as you do not consume the toxic chemicals that smoking provides, like carbon monoxide.

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Zoey Roy

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