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  • marijuana strains

    Bud Lab’s Top 4 Marijuana Strains to Help Deal with Depression

    Did you know that depression is the major cause of disability globally? This complex disorder affects more than 350 million people all over the world. Unfortunately, many people suffering from depression do not get the medication they need, and some do not know that they are depressed. According to research done by the University of …

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  • High weed online

    5 Important Factors To Consider When Buying A Good High Weed Online.

    As you already know, many countries have decriminalized the recreational and medicinal use of marijuana, and more countries are expected to join the club. Depending on the state you reside in, this legalization comes with strict laws regulating the possession, distribution, and sale of weed. Transparency and openness are paramount in such a fast-growing market. …

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  • VIO Pop

    How Consumption Methods Can Make a Difference?

    EDIBLES, SMOKING, AND CHEAP WEED Since the use of cannabis is slowly becoming frequent, people are looking forward to different experiences. The naturally occurring plant cannabis is commonly known as marijuana or weed. It is known for its psychoactive effects and its capability to get the consumer high. A unique experience with your weed involves …

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  • Is Buying Weed Online Legal in Canada?

    Will Canadians Buy Weed Seeds Online In 2001 Canada went down in history as the first country to decriminalize medicinal use of weed worldwide. This legalization permitted patients to purchase and possess dried cannabis buds with a government-issued license authorized by a medical practitioner. Few years down the line, the government decriminalized recreational use of …

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  • is cbd toxic to liver

    Is CBD Toxic to Liver? (Explained Recent Mice Study)

    You must have seen CBD making the headlines lately. With these headlines, the concerns regarding the harmful effects of CBD have spiked more than anything else has.  The most prominent concern that has arisen in the CBD consumers after this news is regarding liver toxicity. If this news has grabbed your attention as well and …

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  • cbd for nausea

    CBD For Nausea: How CBD Helps Stopping it?

    Is your medical condition making you feel like throwing up often? Is it because of the intestinal disorder, having medicine with an empty stomach, or getting drunk? Do you travel a lot and face motion sickness? All of it can be categorized under nausea. If you aren’t sure what exactly it is, then let us …

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