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Weed Delivery Calgary

Save On Greens, Calgary’s top choice for cannabis delivery. Our catalog features everything from soothing CBD oil to flavorful THC edibles and potent vape cartridges, all priced to give you the best value. Revel in the ease of same-day delivery, ensuring each package arrives quickly, discreetly, and with a warm smile.

Ordering is swift and effortless. In under a minute, navigate our intuitive website from any device and secure your premium cannabis products. Committed to excellence, we guarantee your items will be on your doorstep within 24 hours. Experience the Save On Greens difference today ‚Äď premium cannabis is just a click away!

How to buy weed strains in calgary

How to Buy Weed strains in Calgary

You can buy weed strains in Calgary from an online weed dispensary, a weed shop located in Winnipeg, or from street dealers. However, the best way to buy weed safely and conveniently is by buying from an online weed dispensary. It is faster, cheaper, and you have the option to choose from a wide range of collections.

And when it comes to online weed dispensaries, nobody comes close to Save On Greens online weed dispensary. It is the most affordable and premium weed buying option in Calgary, Canada.

How to Buy Marijuana Flowers in Calgary

Marijuana flowers can only be bought from government-approved retailers and online dispensaries in Calgary. To identify a government-approved cannabis retailer, look for the following details:

  • Age verification
  • Official excise stamp
  • The standardized cannabis symbol on the product
  • Mandatory health warning messages
  • Plain packaging and labeling that is child-resistant
How to buy marijuana in calgary

Online Weed Dispensaries Calgary

Save On Greens, DANK DISPENSARY, My Bud Place, YYC Weed Delivery, Calgary Weed Delivery are some of the best online weed dispensaries in Winnipeg. However, Save On Greens is the top-rated and most popular among weed lovers. It has a wide collection of buds that are high quality and affordable for Calgarians.

Weed Stores in Calgary

In Calgary, notable cannabis retail outlets like High Bar Cannabis Weed Dispensary, Ogden Cannabis Weed Store, RARE Cannabis Co, and Cloud 620 Cannabis Weed Dispensary stand out for those preferring to see products firsthand. Nonetheless, purchasing directly from a physical store may involve more time and higher expenses. Moreover, it could offer less privacy, which might not be as convenient for some customers.


What is the Best Way to Get Weed Delivered in Calgary?

Save On Greens is the top choice for an online cannabis dispensary in Calgary, offering a wide selection of high-quality cannabis products. We ensure that your order is delivered safely, discreetly, and efficiently to your doorstep. Our website is user-friendly, allowing you to order your favorite cannabis products from the comfort of your own home. Save On Greens offers the most dependable and hassle-free weed delivery service in Calgary.

Prices of Different Weed Products

The average price for 1 gram of weed from legal sources in Calgary is 7.69 CAD, according to Public Safety Canada / Sécurité publique Canada (

The factors that affect cannabis pricing in Calgary are: 

  • The rarity of the cannabis strain
  • THC/CBD content¬†
  • Cultivation method

Product Type

Average Cost

4 Star AA (25% THC)

55 CAD per 28 grams

Alien Breath (AAA) (Hybrid, 18 – 23% THC)

55 CAD per 14 grams

Bubba Kush (AAA) (Indica, 15%-18% THC)

25 CAD per 3.5 grams

Cookie Monster (AA) (Indica 17.9% THC)

45 CAD per 14 grams

SaveOnGreens collects weed directly from the farm partners in Calgary to offer you high-quality weed at lower prices and discounts by removing various wholesaler and retailer commissions.


Common Weed buds in Calgary and Local Farms

  • Vital Green Farms: Vital Green Farms stands out in Calgary’s local farming scene for its exceptional weed cultivation practices and product quality. Committing to sustainability and organic farming, they deliver top-notch, pesticide-free weed that reflects their dedication to quality. The close ties between Vital Green Farms and SaveOnGreens, the renowned online shop, ensure that customers can access these high-quality products conveniently. By cultivating a variety of common buds with precision and care, Vital Green Farms contributes to the local agricultural landscape, providing Calgary residents with fresh and premium options.
  • Fresh Village Farms: Fresh Village Farms stands out as a beacon of quality in Calgary’s weed cultivation scene. Their commitment to quality is evident in the premium products they yield. From meticulously tending to the cultivation process to harvesting, they prioritize excellence. The connection with the SaveOnGreens online shop ensures that enthusiasts can access their top-tier produce conveniently. Fresh Village Farms doesn’t just offer weed; they deliver an experience. The careful cultivation practices result in various high-quality products catering to diverse preferences. When you choose Fresh Village Farms, you’re not just purchasing weed; you’re embracing a commitment to excellence and supporting local businesses, all conveniently accessible through SaveOnGreen’s online shop.
  • Gull Valley Growers: Gull Valley Growers is a prime choice for weed cultivation in Calgary, delivering unparalleled product quality. Their commitment to cultivating premium strains ensures a noteworthy experience for consumers seeking top-tier products. The connection with SaveOnGreens online shop further enhances accessibility, allowing enthusiasts to explore and purchase Gull Valley’s exceptional offerings easily. From carefully nurtured crops to a seamless online shopping experience, Gull Valley Growers is a reliable source for high-quality, locally grown weed in Calgary.

Weed Culture in Calgary

With 14.4% of adults in Calgary engaging in cannabis consumption over the past year, the city has firmly established itself as a key player in the cannabis market. The initial half of 2021 witnessed a remarkable surge in cannabis sales, reaching a staggering 98 million CAD ‚Äď a substantial 84 million CAD increase from the same period in 2020.¬†

This flourishing market, estimated to be worth 567 billion CAD annually, is significantly influenced by online sales growth. Navigating Calgary’s stringent cannabis laws is essential for consumers and sellers alike. 

With legal marijuana spending totalling 79 million Canadian dollars in 2019, Calgary’s weed culture is both intriguing and distinctive. Surprisingly, the average expenditure per person is a modest CA$32, the lowest among major Canadian cities. In contrast, Alberta leads the nation with a per-person spending of CA$107.56, closely followed by Calgary at CA$73.82.¬†

City Councilor Andre Chabot adds an insightful perspective, highlighting the annual fee imposed on legal cannabis retailers in Calgary, a hefty CA$11,983, which is six times higher than the business fee in Alberta. This unique interplay of spending habits and regulatory considerations shapes Calgary’s cannabis landscape, offering a nuanced glimpse into the city’s evolving relationship with weed.


Start your journey at renowned cannabis lounges, where you can unwind and connect with like-minded enthusiasts. Join cannabis-themed events and festivals, celebrating the plant’s unique attributes. Embrace the scenic beauty of Prince’s Island Park or the Calgary Zoo with cannabis in tow, creating a memorable cannabis-friendly tourism experience.¬†

Elevate your senses with the city’s diverse culinary scene, including cannabis-infused dining experiences. Unleash your adventurous side by discovering Calgary’s hidden gems, combining the thrill of exploration with the laid-back ambiance of cannabis-friendly spaces. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, Calgary offers a uniquely welcoming environment for cannabis enthusiasts to unlock new, elevated experiences.

Places to Visit in Calgary

  • Heritage Park: A unique blend of history and cannabis-friendly enjoyment in Calgary. Explore a historical village and outdoor museum with well-preserved buildings and themed areas, perfect for indulging in cannabis-related experiences in a serene environment. It’s an ideal setting for a whimsical journey through time, enhanced by the calming effects of cannabis.
  • Peace Bridge: An architectural marvel in Calgary, providing a prime spot for cannabis enthusiasts to unwind. This iconic bridge offers a tranquil environment along the Bow River, making it a must-visit for those seeking a laid-back experience with a vibrant energy, ideal for enjoying cannabis in a picturesque setting.
  • Fort Calgary:Offers an intriguing mix of history and modern enjoyment for cannabis users. Explore the historic site and appreciate the region’s rich heritage in a welcoming environment. The exhibits and events at Fort Calgary are complemented by a relaxed, cannabis-friendly atmosphere, making it a distinct and enjoyable destination.

Special Occasions and Vacations in Calgary

  • Lilac Festival: A celebration of lilac blossoms in Calgary, offering parades, live music, and community activities in a colourful, floral environment. A perfect setting for cannabis enthusiasts looking for relaxation amidst nature.

  • Beakerhead: An annual festival in Calgary blending science, art, and innovation with interactive exhibits and installations. Offers a unique opportunity for cannabis-friendly occasions, ideal for those looking to combine creativity with cannabis exploration.

  • Cannabis Music Festival: Merges live music’s euphoria with cannabis culture’s laid-back ambiance in Calgary. This event provides a distinctive celebration against picturesque landscapes, perfect for enjoying music and cannabis in a harmonious setting.

Places to Eat in Calgary

  • Vero Bistro Moderne: A blend of French and Italian cuisine with a focus on fresh, local ingredients. While not including cannabis in its menu, its open-minded ambiance is welcoming to those enjoying cannabis-related activities in Calgary.

  • Santorini Greek Taverna: Known for authentic Greek cuisine, this restaurant offers a welcoming atmosphere for cannabis enthusiasts. The vibrant flavors of Greece combined with Calgary’s cannabis scene allow for a unique sensory experience before or after dining.

  • Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant: Offers a memorable dining experience in a historical setting with locally inspired dishes. While cannabis use on-site is not permitted, the nearby designated public areas in Fish Creek Provincial Park provide a serene backdrop for those wishing to complement their meal with relaxation and nature.


Cannabis Tourism in Calgary

  • Prince’s Island Park: A mix of nature and urban appeal in Calgary, offering a serene environment for cannabis enthusiasts. The park’s lush greenery and tranquil setting make it a perfect spot for a relaxed, cannabis-friendly outing.

  • Fish Creek Provincial Park: A vast natural oasis ideal for those seeking a cannabis-infused nature experience. Its extensive green spaces and peaceful ambiance provide the perfect setting for cannabis picnics or tranquil moments by the Bow River.

  • Olympic Plaza: A vibrant urban hub for cannabis tourism, known for its historical significance from the 1988 Winter Olympics. The plaza’s welcoming atmosphere makes it an attractive location for cannabis enthusiasts to enjoy and embrace Calgary’s cannabis culture.


Nightlife and Party Scenes in Calgary

  • Habitat Living Sound: A premier destination for electronic music, known for its intimate setting and inclusive atmosphere. It champions diverse electronic genres and integrates into Calgary’s cannabis-friendly nightlife culture.

  • Milk Tiger Lounge: Renowned for its sophisticated mixology and intimate ambiance, this lounge is a favorite for those seeking a relaxed, upscale experience. It aligns with Calgary’s progressive spirit by occasionally hosting cannabis-friendly events.

  • The Hifi Club: A vibrant venue for live music and DJ events, offering a lively atmosphere and diverse musical genres. It stands as a cornerstone of Calgary’s energetic nightlife, providing memorable experiences for party-goers and music enthusiasts.


Famous Celebrities and Cannabis in Calgary

  • Paul Brandt: Paul Brandt, the renowned Canadian country music artist from Calgary, brings a unique connection to cannabis. Beyond his musical achievements, Brandt has advocated for cannabis legalization and its potential benefits. Embracing the changing tides in societal perceptions, he has expressed support for responsible cannabis use. Brandt’s open-minded approach aligns with the evolving views on cannabis, marking his presence not just in the realm of music but also in discussions about its societal impact.
  • Kyle Bobby Dunn: Kyle Bobby Dunn, the renowned ambient composer from Calgary, is a notable figure in the music industry. Beyond his musical endeavours, Dunn has been candid about his advocacy for cannabis. Embracing the calming influence of cannabis, he has openly discussed its role in his creative process. Dunn’s openness contributes to the growing dialogue surrounding the intersection of creativity and cannabis use among famous personalities in Calgary.
  • Paul Michael Gross: Paul Michael Gross, born in Calgary, is a notable Canadian actor and singer with a distinct connection to cannabis. While widely recognized for his role in “Due South,” Gross has embraced the cannabis culture. As a public advocate for cannabis legalization, he contributes to destigmatizing its use. His openness about cannabis reflects a broader trend among celebrities in Calgary, where influential figures use their platform to promote understanding and acceptance of marijuana.


Yes, Save on Greens Weed Delivery is available in Calgary. Enjoy convenient and reliable cannabis delivery services in the city.

In Calgary, weed delivery is legal for individuals aged 18 and above, with a maximum limit of 30 grams per order. 

SaveOnGreens delivers weed the same day in Calgary if you order the product before 11 AM. After 11 AM, the delivery will be made the next day.

SaveonGreens accepts Interac email e-transfers for payment.

Yes, you can order weed delivery for someone else in Calgary. Make sure that the delivery is accepted by a person who is 18 years old or above.

Contact SaveOnGreens’ customer support with your order number if your delivery is delayed or does not arrive, and we will connect with Canada Post to trace your products.

No, you cannot send weed from Calgary to another province. According to cannabis delivery regulations, cannabis can only be delivered within Calgary.